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Masonry Contractor specializing in renovations, restoration and additions. Over 56 years of combined masonry experience in the Detroit Michigan metro area.
54853 Cabrillo Drive, Macomb, MI, 48042 * Office: (586) 354-3280

Over 56 years of combined masonry experience

Specializing in renovations, restoration and additions

Insured and Bonded

Open Shop Contractor
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Established in 1990

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Materials: Brick/Block/Glass Block/ Structural Glazed Tile/Glazed Block


Board Member of Michigan
Mason Contractor Association

Silverado Construction has been a family owned and operated business for over 43 years. It was started by my father and passed on to me in 1990. We have over 56 years of combined experience within our company in Warren Michigan. We are a Masonry Contractor for Commercial and Institutional facilities serving the Detroit metro area. We specialize in renovations, restorations, and additions, and are experts in using Brick Block, Glass Block, Structural Glazed Tile and Glazed Block.

Contacts Dale Haselhuhn - (586) 354-3280 & Curtis Carr - (586) 354-3288

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